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Sexual Torture

Caveat and Torture


* Cock and Ball
* Cock Locks
* Castration
* Electro
* CP
* Bliss Elevation

Extended Stimulation

Torture is here termed extended stimulation that you consent to, that you may otherwise resist (so have to be restrained). It ranges from tickle torture, tit play, milking close to orgasm, again and again until you are desperate to cum.
Stuff that you would do to yourself - but your lack of self control would mean that it would be short lived.

Net Value: You want more

Extended stimulation of erogenous zones
Here are some goals that can be reached.
  1. Keytone release.
  2. Adrenaline rush.
  3. Elevated Sexual response.
  4. Multiple Orgasms

Keytone release.

When your body is trying to cope with something, extended stimulation or pain you body will release chemicals that help you cope with this, the result of this is quite trippy and enhances sexual fulfilment. It can be like having had a sexual orgasm in its own right

Adrenaline rush.

This comes with the anticipation or the unknown, or that beating, the "Oh my God, its really going to happen now". That is a prelude to either the keytone or the sexual elevation - neat if it is both, but they rarely happen at the same time.


Elevated Sexual response.

This comes when you continuously elevate your slaves sexual tension, typically keeping him horny for hours, so if he was able he would have shot his loads ages ago, but you are there to stop him. The most common example of this is in bondage where you have tied him down and given him non-excessive stimulation for hours.
Milking him close to orgasm, maybe letting him shoot only the first spurt (a skill to that). You may have had him all day in his fetish gear, getting him good and horny, maybe locked away in his chastity shorts, with a comfortable butt-plug up there.
Has to be a comfortable, sustainable stimulation, not something you can tire of or get sore from.
Soreness moves into the keytone area.

This approach can be applied to women, but orgasm is different, men do  not have multiple cum-orgasms, though can have many 'body' orgasm which are similar to what women experience


Multiple Orgasms

This approach can be applied to women, but orgasm is different, men do  not have multiple cum-orgasms in the same way. Though can have many 'body' orgasm which are similar to what women experience. This is usually from Fisting or Fucking when the that strange warms comes over you, the tingling starts, and the shudders, the loss of control , the way you become 'wrapped up' in the experience.
It is nice to have the slave fully secured in effective bondage, with total control   so that he is there to experience  it all. With fisting and some other techniques the slave can shoot his load without touching his cock.
You would have needed to elevate him sexually first, and we are not talking quickie sexual scenes - serious SM scene last for many hours, unlike your average heterosexual vanilla sex.
One example of a female slave that I liked what where she was kept in a rubber lined   mail sack, suitable cuffed inside, every hour the side of the sack was zipped open, and she was stimulated to orgasm, and then it was zipped back up ready for the next time.

The male equivalent of this where is is secured in a sleep sack and is wanked  close to orgasm, ready for more use later, for for despunking.


This is where you force wank off the slave over a number of hours to exhust the content of his balls. This is a common activity for when your slave is to sexually hyper (to much for the Owner to match). Commonly the slave is taken to another Master (loaned out), and this Master will forced wank the slave, over and over againtill the final orgasms hurt. The slave is left well and truely drained, and no longer 'presters' his Owner or others to satisfy his sexual needs.
This state is often refered to as "Sexed-out", it also occures after a prolonged weekend of debauchery, when the last thing on you mind after that is sex, and possibly the first thing is a hot bath and bed!



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