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My Story: British Pup in Nashville

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* Care and Training of the Male slave

This is the true story of a boys discovery of his k9 side as he met a guy that later became his Owner.

Part one covers the first week or so on the meeting, about the chemistry between them.  It is not the most typical route in how a guy discovers he is a slave, and finds himself a Master. It is strange how circumstances come together and Master and dogslave are formed.
When you read both accounts, you might find that you identify with some aspects, and that can help develop you on your path.


British Pup In Nashville (Adams Training) Part Two

The next morning I woke up with my head in James crouch with his dick in my mouth and as he awoke he was starting to get hard.

He looked down at me and told me he needed to piss, so I went to move and let him go to the bathroom. He told me to stay there as I was going to be his toilet that morning. I put his dick back in my mouth and he let out a steady stream of warm piss, which I eagerly drank down as quickly as I could trying not to spill any.

After he had finished my own dick was very hard and James had noticed this and told me that I was a good dog and he would reward me. He said I could suck his dick again and eat his cum. This made me very excited and he liked that very much. I sucked him off for15 minutes before he came in my mouth. He got up and told me to go and shower and that I was to meet him outside in the barn where he would decide what chores I was to do today. When I got to the bathroom and I looked in the mirror I saw that I still had the dog collar attached to my neck. All over my shoulders and back were covered in scratches from where the dog had dug in there claws whilst fucking me. My butt was crossed with bruises and a few little cuts where James had beat me the day before.

As I looked at my self in the mirror I was totally horrified that I had been tortured in this way and allowed myself to be used by my sadistic cousin.

There was a feeling of guilt and loathing at myself and anger at James for doing these things to me. But also there was the feeling of excitement at what the day would bring and my dick was as hard as it had been all morning.

When I got into the shower and the hot water hit me all the cuts and bruises were very painful and I jumped at the sensation that sent a tingling sensation all the way through my body until it ended in my dick. I could take it no more and started to jerk myself to the relief that I needed so much. Just as I started to cum James came into the bathroom and saw what I was doing. He shouted at me to stop but I was already cumming and he was very angry with this. James told me that I was never allowed to touch my dick with out his permission in the future and that I would be punished for playing with myself in the shower this morning.

He told me to follow him straight down to the barn, I turned to get the towel to dry myself off but James told me to leave that and come straight with him.

Naked and dripping with water from the shower I followed James down to the barn.

As I left the house the feeling of being naked outside with the dog collar on was very frightening and I rushed across to the barn where James was waiting.

James stood there in his work jeans and boots and a white T-shirt looking very hot and my dick started to grow again to my humiliation and discomfort. He looked down at my dick and started to laugh and said that he was pleased that I was such a good dog boy and liking every thing he was forcing me to do.

James grabbed my dick and pulled it right down causing me to yelp at the sudden pain to my dick. Then he let go and it slapped up hard against my belly, James liked this and did it several times. The seventh time I could not control myself and came again for the second time in 20 minutes.

James got very angry with this and slapped me around the face that hard that I fell to the floor at his feet.

He cursed and cussed at me for about 5 minutes until I was crying at his feet telling him how sorry I was and begging him not to beat me any more. James seemed to like my begging very much and just listened to me smiling all the time.

Eventually he told me to get on all fours and follow him into the stables, which I did quickly trying not to anger him any more. When we reached there he told me to take the horses and put then in the paddock then to go back to the stables and wait for him to return.

After I had taken all three horses out I went back to the stable and waited for James to return. After 40 minutes James came back into the stables and said to me that it was time for me to muck the horses stables out.

I went to get my work boots and coveralls but he told me that because I had been bad that I was not allowed them to day and was to do all my chores naked with just the dog collar on.

James told me that his friend Joe would be calling by later and he would expect me to cook then lunch and generally look after them.

James told me to start work on the stables straight away, as there were three of them to clean out. So I picked up the pitchfork and went to go in to the first stable. As I sent foot in there my bare feet stepped in horse shit and I jumped back out of it. James laughed and pushed me really hard into the stable. He pushed me with such force that I stumbled and fell face down into all the horse shit on the stable floor. James laughed again and told me to roll on to my back to make sure I was covered from head to toe in horse shit. He told me that all dogs like rolling in horse shit so I should be no exception. James started to walk away and shouted to me as I had better get working straight away or else!!

I stood up and horse shit was all over my naked body from my hair down to my feet, I tried to rub it off but it just smeared every where.

The smell was horrible and was making me heave at the thought and smell of it all. In the distance I heard James shout that I only had 50 minutes left to clean the stables so I got started straight away.

By the time the stables were clean and tidy I was sweating from the hard work and heat of the day. James came back into the stables just as I was putting the last of the straw in for the horses.

James had taken of his t-shirt as he had been out working in the yard and had worked up a sweat whilst doing so. He glistened in the sun light in the doorway as he came through, he look a magnificent specimen of manhood standing there. As I looked at James standing there looking hot my dick started to harden again and James said that he like to see me getting hard in his presence and would make sure I stayed hard all day one way or another.

James told me to go over to the dog pound and wait for him there and to wait on all fours. When he got there I was kneeling on all fours covered in horseshit and sweat, naked apart from my dog collar.

James opened the pound gate and ordered me in there with the dogs. The dogs went wild running around me sniffing me all over and especially around my butt hole. The smell of the horse shit was really exciting them and they kept nipping at me licking the shit and sweat off me. With all this attention by the dogs I had backed myself up a corner so that they could not get to my arse hole again, I was still sore from all the fucking by James and the dogs from the night before.

But James was having none of that, he ordered me to get into the middle of the pound and wait for the dogs to fuck me again. As soon as I moved from the corner the dogs were straight on my again trying to get their dicks in the right position to fuck me.

I started to beg James to let me out of the pound but he said I was there bitch as well as his and he would share me with the dogs every day and that if my hard dick was any thing to go by I was enjoying it anyway.

The fact that my dick was hard was indeed evidence that in some depraved sense I did like all of this even the dogs fucking me as well.

The realisation that I wanted James to do all of this to me and that I was a willing victim to his sadistic lust made me fell dirty and humiliated even more. Just as I thought that I could not feel any more dirty and humiliated I heard a car pulling up the long drive to the house. James heard it to and took a look to see who was coming up the drive. James smiled when he saw the car and told me to stay there until he got back and let the dogs have there fill of my butt hole.

About 10 minutes later I heard voices approaching and could not believe it that James was bringing some body here to the dog pound whilst I was there naked with a dog collar on covered in horeshit with a dog fucking the arse off me.

As the voices got close to the dog pound I started to panic and tried to get away from the dog that had mounted me and pinned me down on all fours. As I tried to pull away the dog started to growl and started to nip hard on my back and neck so I had to stay put. The closeness of the dog was so intense and I could hear it breathing really heavily down my neck.

The experience of it all almost made me forget about my cousin approaching with some stranger.

At the moment it all came flooding back to me I became aware of their closeness and I looked around and standing there looking at me was a very hot looking guy. He had dirty blond hair and was nearly as tall as James over six foot. He looked to be in his early twenties the same as James and I guessed that it was James friend Joe who he had told me was coming over to visit that day. He was just as good looking and as hot as James but was more ruff looking and his accent was more working class than James was. His hands looked really ruff like he worked at a manual job and his hot biceps muscles backed that theory up in my mind.

James said to his companion that this was his cousin Adam, pointing at me. He said to me that this was his friend Joe and that I would do what ever he ordered me to do without question.

Then James shouted at the dogs to leave me alone and the one on me had just cum up my butt so it got off as well.

He ordered me to come out of the pound and opened the gate for me, with out thinking I stood to walk out and James slapped me hard around the face again. He ordered me back on all fours and told me that for this I was to be punished severally. After I had gained my senses I started to walk out on all fours as expected and James told me to stop and asked if I needed to take a dump. Not even thinking about what was to follow I said yes and was really desperate to take a piss and a dump. James knew this as I had been with him for the last 28 hours.

He told me to stoop down on all fours and to piss and shit like the dog I was. This was just so humiliating that I could not believe it and had never used the toilet in front of any body before. I just kneeled there on all fours doing nothing looking at the floor in horror at the situation.

James got very angry and started to take his belt off and I knew what that meant and really did not want another beating from him today.

So I quickly started to piss and it was all running down my legs as I had never done this before and did not know what to do. Then I tried really hard and finally dumped my full load out on the floor whilst they both watched me suffering in total humiliation. But all through out as James commented my dick stayed very hard and to heighten my discomfort more was aching really badly from my constant erection.

After I was finished James attached the lead to my collar and I followed him and Joe on all fours to the back of the house where the hose pie was. Once there Joe hosed me down whilst James brushed me with a soft brush which was still very hard on my tender skin. When they were sure I was completely clean Joe came over to me ordered me to bend over and pushed the hosepipe up my arse hole and filled me with cold water. This I found very uncomfortable but just had to suffer it and he cleaned me out complete inside.

I was then lead over to the house and James told me to make them some sandwiches with chips and to do it quickly.

When I had made them I took them to them with some beers and was told to get on all fours on the floor at their feet. I had not eaten for 24 hours and was very hungry. They kept throwing bits of food on the floor and ordered me to eat these scraps which I was glad for.

James and Joe ate all the sandwiches and drank a few more beers whilst they talked about what they had been doing over the last few days. The conversation got around to me and I gathered that James had already told Joe about what had gone on the day before and Joe had come to join in the fun. James and Joe had been lovers the previous summer but were both tops so it eventually petered out and they had just become friends. But when Joe learned that James had got me to use as his dog slave he was really excited about it and wanted a piece of the action. The fact that James and I were cousins really turned Joe on and he had got a big bulge in his pants all ready. Joe was on his dinner hour from work and was a construction worker and had to leave in 20 minutes. James said that he could not leave with his dick that hard and that I would give him a blowjob to relive him so he could go back to work more relaxed. This got Joe very hot and he grabbed my collar and pulled me up in between his legs with my mouth in his crouch. With his strong arms he pushed my face hard into his crouch and I could smell his strong manly odour of working on the construction site.

James told me to pull Joe’s pants and shorts down and to put my nose deep in to his balls and smell what a man smells like. This I eagerly did, as the whole thing was turning me on very much and my teenage dick was about to explode again with out any body touching it. He had not showered that morning and the manly aroma was just really hot and made my dick throb even harder.

After a few minutes Joe ordered me to lick his balls clean and I quickly got started on that job. When he was satisfied that I had cleaned then enough he told me to pull his fore skin back and lick the dick cheese clean from the last few days. Apparently he had slept on the construction site for the last few days has he had been working so late to get the job finished. Reluctantly I pulled his fore skin back and the pungent stink that came from his dick head made me real back. Joe and James laughed at this and James grabbed me by the back of the neck and forced my head down on Joe’s dick. With a little help from Joe’s ruff dirty fingers I opened my mouth and put his stinking dick into my mouth and started to suck the two-day-old dick cheese from his dick head. After Joe was satisfied that his dick head was clean enough he told me to get on with the job of making him cum quickly as he only had a few minutes before he had to leave. Franticly I worked my mouth and tongue to get him to cum as quickly as possible. He made comments to James that I was a natural cock-sucking bitch and was good at it especially as I had only done it the first time yesterday. James agreed with him and was pumping his own massive cut dick as he watched me giving head to Joe. It must have been quiet a picture with me naked on all fours with just my dog collar on between this construction workers legs with his pants and shorts around his work boots.

Joe started to tense up and I could feel his dick was about to explode so I stepped up my sucking and he let out a loud grunt and flooded my mouth with his cum and at the same time James came all over my back. All of this was too much for me and my dick started to pump my cum all over my belly.

When every body had come back to after that mind-blowing orgasm, Joe told me to lick his dick clean then pulled his shorts and pants up. James told me to lick his dick clean to then put his dick back in his pants. Joe said his good byes and patted me on the head and told me he would see me very soon and next time he would stretch my butt hole with his un-cut dick.

When he had gone James said that I had done a good job but would have to be punished for cumming without permission and that I should crawl to the barn and wait for my punishment.

When I got there I was terrified at the thought of another really hard beating from James and my butt was still marked and sore from yesterday.

James did not come to the barn for over an hour or at least it felt like that on my hands and knees waiting for him.

When he got there he was striped down to his shorts and work boots with his massive tool hard in his shorts. He told me to stand up and put my wrists crossed above my head. He then tied my hands to the rope attached to the pulley on the barn roof and pulled me until just my toes were touching the floor in the same position as yesterday when I got my beating. My whole body was tensing up as I prepared my self for another beating from James’s strong arms. But today James had some different punishment in store for me. James took off his work boots and his socks and again used his stinking socks to gag me so I would not make any noise whilst he punished me. After he put the socks in my mouth he bent down and picked his heavy work boots up. He then tied them both to my balls and them let them go and they started to swing between my legs. The pain was intense and I felt sick to my stomach. James went over to the workbench and came back with some clothes pegs. He attached one to each end of my nipples and several to my dick and fore skin. Being from England not many men are circumcised over there. And I was very surprised to see that Joe was uncut as well, James later told me it was because he was from a small isolated village some where in southern Tennessee and it was not really done there as the nearest doctor was over 80 miles away.

James said that this was to be my punishment for today and he would be back when he had finished his chores.

Well I thought that I had got of lightly with this punishment and after the initial pain of the work boots on my balls and the pegs on my dick and nipples that it was not to bad.

After the first 30 minutes I had changed my mind totally and was in a lot of pain. To try to make the pain in my arms and shoulders go away I would try to lift some wait onto my toes. But every time I did this James work boots world swing and the laces would cut further into my very sore nuts. Also the pain in my nipples and dick was getting close to being totally unbearable.

After another 40 minutes James came back to the barn looking as hot as ever and I was so pleased to see him. Through the sock in my mouth I tried to beg for him to let me down. He told me that I had been punished thoroughly and he started to take the pegs of my dick. Where they had been there was angry red swellings and my dick was very sore.

When he removed the pegs from my nipples the blood rushing back into then sent a terrible pain through them and I screamed into the dirty socks.

When I had stopped screaming James loosened the rope down the pulley and I fell to the ground still with his work boots attached to my balls.

James told me to get on all fours and follow him back to the house.

It was very painful dragging his work boots by my balls as I crawled back to the house. When we got there he untied the laces from my balls and gave my balls an extra squeeze, which made me whimper into my sock-filled mouth.

James took me up stares to his bedroom and got me to lie on my back on the bed with my legs in the air and he started to finger my still painful butt hole. By this time I was crying and sobbing into the sock gag in my mouth. James looked at me and smiled and stroked my cum covered face gently with his hand. He pulled the socks out of my mouth and kissed me long and hard on my lips pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. This made my seamy erect dick jump to full attention and I wanted James so much to push his massive dick straight up my butt and fuck me hard.

James quickly obliged and pushed my legs down over my shoulders and shoved his dick straight to the hilt up my butt.

Kissing me hard on the mouth he fucked me hard for a couple of minutes before he came filled my hole with his hot cum until it was running out between my legs. When James had emptied his load up my hole he lay on top of me for a few minutes then got up and told me he was going to jack me off. I was very surprised at this but wanted it very much. He started to fist my dick very hard and ruff trying to get me to cum. The swellings on my dick where the pegs had been were very sore and the pain in my shaft just made me cum quickly shooting my load high in the air and over my chest and face. After James had emptied my load he continued fisting my dick until I was begging him to stop but he just carried on chaffing my still hard shaft. After ten more minutes of this fisting my dick erupted with the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

When James let go of my dick it was swollen and extremely sore but I felt so totally fulfilled and pleased that I was here in Tennessee with my cousin James.

After this James took me in his strong arms and carried me to the huge tub in the master bathroom and filled it with warm soothing water and put me in it. He got into the tub himself and gently rubbed and sponged my body clean. We got out of the tub and James put antiseptic ointment on all my cuts and bruises and carried me to the bed. He held me firmly in his arms and I knew that I loved him with all my heart. We slept soundly all night until late the next morning when I woke to James kissing me on the back of my neck. He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me this morning and I told him that I wanted him to. He gently pushed his dick up my hole and slowly and lovingly fucked my arse until he came inside me. At the same time he was working on my dick until we both came together in a fabulous orgasm.

We showered together and got dressed in our works clothes and did the chores we needed to do for the day and later rode the horses for a few hours. Stopping briefly by the creek to swim in the cool water. When we got out and dried in the sun James let me suck him off whilst I jacked myself off. We had a great day and I had become totally devoted to my cousin and was pleased to submit to what ever he wanted from me.

On the Friday night when my uncle got back from the city we were a picture of friendship for him to see and he arranged a party for my sixteenth birthday that had passed on the Monday. Lots of James friends including Joe of course who I was looking forward to seeing again. For my birthday my uncle got me a cross-country motor bike so that I could go out on rides with James at the weekend. My uncle was so pleased that James and I had become such good friends but he did not know how close we had become!!!


James loans me out to Joe for a couple of days whilst he visits the city.



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