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Eat Cum



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Cum Training

This aspect of feeding covers the dog eating cum/spunk.
Without question it is a requirement of the slave, and something he has to learn early on in his training. At worst he should be able to comply.


Due to HIV/NSU concerns eating cum that is not yours has to be addressed in your slaves contract. Although catching HIV is quite hard(low risk) this way, there are plenty of other things to be wary of.

Floor Cleaning
A well trained slave is used to floor feeding and taking it carefully off the floor, or wherever it lands.
The slave soon learns to savor every last drop of his Masters nectar.
one of my pups cleaning up after himself
This is a good place to wash your cum down your pups throat.

In his early training, he needs to have little choice in the matter, so just as with his piss training, a little force is needed to help him over the hurdle.

In the early stages allow him to have contact with his dick, but never allow him to cum without your permission (see begging) and until he has satisfied your needs of him.

It is quite acceptable to send him home after his training weekend and never once let him cum - remember it is a privilege, NOT a right.

His Cum

The slave has to get used to eating cum, there is no two ways about it.  A well trained dog will without hesitation lick up either his or his Masters cum.

In advanced dogs they are are normally told to
*Hold It* until the Master has given the slave permission to feed. After further training the dog will wait like a gun Dog waiting for the 'OK' command to allow him to zealously start lapping it up.

What is less common is for the Master to rush to the bathroom for a wet sponge and start cleaning up.

Topdogs puppy cleaning up after his Owner

It is also expected that the pup would lick the spunk of the Masters hand, this could be incorporated into this 'lick' or Mouth Training.


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