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Cock Cuff Training

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Cock CuffThis method prevents erections, it more visible under clothes, with little restrictions to toilet functions, there is an optional bar that can lock through a PA piercing. It comes in a number of lengths, so that the cock can be completely enclose or part exposed. It might get firm (and uncomfortable), but not erect. There is also the option of having the hands locked hand-cuffed just above the cock, so close and yet so far - perfect when he is kneeling with his head lowered waiting for his Master.
If you take the one with a longer barrel it has the lockable bar the goes across that stops fingers from entering, and it is secured by a lock. This bar passes through the PA in the slave cock head so that that so is kept in place.
Strapped nice and secureAs with the Chastity Jock the back of the cock cuffed is able to be locked in place, so holding a butt plug secure should you wish. These come in option with a wider or narrow strap. The narrow one, muck like that on any body harness is more comfortable for longer use. It is less suitable for holding in a butt plug (needing a ring attachment to the butt plug), however the narrow one can also be push a side when the slave shits.

From a long term point of view, it is possible just to get the cuff on its own with out any leather, locking it on the slave (especially if he has a PA) means that it has to be correctly placed so that there is no chance of unauthorized removal.

The ideal position is that it is on there for keeps, that it is only the Master that has the ability to remove it. To ensure this the pad lock that is attached to the PA needs to have a restricted number ok keys, and the cock cuff (half a hand cuff), needs to be a high quality one what is not opened  with one of any of   the other brands that exist out there.


The options on the end include:

loop end

  • A loop that allows the cock to be tied to the leg. This allows the slave to wear loose trousers to work or combat jeans with his chastity being unnoticeable. Bar lock attaches to the slaves PA so that the cock is always held in position and also prevent fingers reaching inside to stroke the frustrated cock head.
  • Plain ending as above that allows the cock head to be exposed.
  • I am told of a customized version that had a steel cath that went into the cock head so that the cock would slide down this metal on erection. Being hollow (like a curved Princes Wand) it allows the slave to piss, but the slightest move towards an erection was more noticeable than the above.
wpe10BF.jpg (20206 bytes)
  • The cuff can come without the leather work and can just be held in place with a cord. This requires that the cuff be locked carefully as there is no additional bondage component that ensures that it stays in place. This type is most suitable for wear under every day clothing and is also cheaper that the ones with leather attached.

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