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 Cock and Ball Torture

Cock and Ball Torture
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As with all SM, it is feelings that are had when Master takes control and when the slave looses it.

This picture, possibly an extreme image is not unusual when placing yourself with respects to your God like Master.

Many slaves can get off on this image, it depicts the natural state of being for a slave.


This expresses the totally helpless slave, bound good and secure, gagged, so when he inevitable cries out the dirty jocks being roped in place in his worthless mouth makes his pleas for help ineffective.
He has been secured by 'real men', the kind of men that he idolizes. His balls are now in their powerful grip and are really going to get it...

There is something always very special about entrusting your most sensitive parts to you Master. As we know SM is also all about 'Trust Trips', the yielding and the special intimate relationship that exists between Master and slave. There are other examples of where a slaves cock and balls are in a guillotine any any unauthorized movements when the slave is in this bondage will cause the cutters to move - all within the slaves control, he only needs to obey and stay perfectly still until his Master chooses to release him


Cock and Ball Torture address such fantasies in a practical way, like you want to do it often - cutting your balls off is a one way street.

Just as a slave may need to feel the secure grip of his Owners hand around his collared neck, the is also a sense of security to be gained from the Master encircling his hand around the slaves balls sack - "I got you now"

Cock and Ball binding ready for his beatingBinding ^

Keeping the cock and balls correctly place can also be done with binding. Securely placing the rope around his balls, with part of the cord used to separate each ball. The remaining cord is then used to lash down his cock, both keeping his meat firm and secure.
You have the further options of allowing him a method of humping himself  (normally the only allowable way for a dog), you may also keep his meat in position should you wish to  keep a catheter (piss or electrical) it will lessen the chances of it coming loose once in place.

It is important for him to know that his body is now under your control, placing each part under meticulous bondage is just one way. A slave need continual bondage to keep him in the right frame of mind!

blue ballsBall Spanking ^

This as you can imagine can be quite intense. Typically you let him know that he has to take say 10 hard smacks to the balls during the course of the evening. The first one is always a real hard one - does he really want another but he will in due course.

Part of your Total Control Training of him is that he will learn that he know he must take it, however long it takes it is quite inevitable. You can add to the pressure by making him beg you to hit him or enjoy his pleading for you not to.

You might want a word of caution, you don't want to damage these little babes so measure your abuse of him. Secure bondage for is cock and balls like this is also something for him to fight against.

It is also the Masters task to inspect the slaves balls to ensure they are healthy and there is no reason to have a doctor inspect them. Cancer of the balls is as common as breast cancer in women, but is easy to cure if found in time. If you find any hard lumps down there get him to Doctor for a check-up.

raul learning to begElectro Torture ^

This is discussed more in the Electro play section. In this example my slave has a wide area electrode under his balls, and a conductive PES catheter down his piss hole. The slave is in his Fetters shorts that have a cock harness in it that keeps his cock in position. The electrode is lightly secured to the padlock post  so as the cock gets hard and soft it slides up and down the electrode. The Electro is connected to a standard dual channel TENS unit. During the course of play the cock has many erections (he will notice this when his pisses for the next few days). The slaves paws are locked out of the way to his side, so that it is hard for him to touch anything. Since he took quite a bit, and begged so sweetly for his Master (see Bliss Elevation), he was allows his paws bound to his side which allowed him to stock his sore balls with some effort. He soon approached the stage where he reached would have done anything to cum.

Mummification ^

Whatever you choose, to use from Rubber bandages, plaster of Paris or plastic wrap and Duck Tape, the principle is the same - bind them up good and tight. With rubber bandages it can leaves his balls handing like a boxing gym punch bag, you will find it irresistible not to take a swing at them

Ball inflationInflation ^

This can be done slowly with a saline drip or by injection, which will give him heavy balls like Bulls. This is more part of the medical scenes where you take your puppy to the Vet or for 'experimentation' where just the power of being helpless 'under the surgeons knife'. This is not a main part of the DogTraining scene but a tangent you might like to explore it clearly shows who is in charge. There are some even more advanced scenes, that flow around the medical victim that you can discover on the net, still with the same power exchanges, and raises its head commonly in Heterosexual Magazines such as "Rubber Nurse", Other tangents is being one of Nazi Experiment victims in the Concentration camps, when you face numbing humiliation, before being sliced up like some lab rat. Further demonstrating to low and worthless nature of the piece of meat that is used for today's experiment.

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