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Dont ever forget who your Master is
Slave Castration
This section covers this issues and power balance of slave castration and the Castrator. For the most part this notion and power balance is only right.


The slave considers himself to be a worthless piece of shit,  born without hope or future, born to serve, to bend and summit. For a slave is nothing with out a master, he is worthless and without value. a Master gives a slaves life meaning, value and direction. Since it is the dynamic between the two that creates the energy, the fulfilment.

It is also true to say a Man is not a Master unless he has a slave, until the potential is realized. So it goes that the slave says you can do "anything to me Master" - the cool head also add that is must be safe sane sex.
When the slaves has ball weights on stretching his worthless sore nutts only to the coldness or a shape blade as Masters circles the slaves tight ball sack, the sharpness of the blade dragging across the skin, as the Master tells you what a worthless piece of shit you are he pulls away the blade and a trickle of blood drips from the glint of the blade...

So how do you demonstrating the contrast between Master and slave, when the previous demonstration is no longer good enough, another more profound declaration is required, as you move from symbolic emasculation to the actuality of having your slaves balls cut off!

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