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Body modification covers a wide area. For some it seems that they dont like the body they have and they want to change it or augment it. This can be from the body mass (fat/thin), tattoos, piercings, cuts/scars, burns holes and so on.
This area It is only for SERIOUS SM people in area of medical variation which are be design meant to be irreversible. Some Mods are dangerous and/or life-threatening activities or sometimes questionable legality.

Others to show you belong to that tribe, who and what you are.

Marking is a statement.
African slaves were often branded so the owners could identify them as their property, just like cattle are often branded today. Some fraternities reclaimed strike branding and turned it into an empowering statement. Frat Houses still practice branding their fraternal insignia, or Greek letters, into willing members as a show of dedication to each other - you belong - your mine.

Such status markings were often placed so that they would be visible to others at all times. Like the dog chain locked around the slaves neck, the septum nose piercing or some scarification.

There is a mixture of:

  • He made me do it - Masters will upon a slave. This is also part of a slaves empowerment like telling him what to wear. Lets go to the Malls and you wear your rubber t-shirt, leather pants and collar for the world to see. Some slaves will feel embarrassed about this other liberated because 'Master made me do it and he will protect me'.
  • Rites of passage - from getting your septum piercing or a tattoo and moving through the pain to a new level about yourself.
  • This is what I am - this is where you are defining yourself. Typical of young adults moving from parental control to defining who they are as an adult. This usually starts when they leave home and develop their independence.
  • Now or never
    This also happens in your 30s when you may have developed your career and been Mr Respectable and now you have discovered not only you are gay but a slave and a dog at that. Then there is further down the road (40s or mid-life crisis). When you realise you are not a young chicken any more so you can go for it or regret it for ever.  You can also be secure in your job or have other independence so its a good time to get marked. The only thing to have to be careful of is getting a dumb safe butterfly tattoo when later you want a meaningful design. Tattoos and Brands are not wallpaper that can be replaced. It is also a chronicle of your history.

Body Modification comes is a number of ways.

  • Getting Pierced - this is reversible mostly, unless the piercing becomes a tunnel, or a hole is cut in the skin.
  • Scarification  -
  • Creaturfication  -transformation from human to animal (eg dog)
    Extremely completely body modifications in a dog extreme k9, body modification including medical/dental procedures not limited to plastic and major surgery to enhance k9 appearance (fangs, genital modification, thumb/fingers removal (to paws), limb removal (to enable to walk on all fours).
  • Completely 100% extreme tattoos - eg body suit.
  • Steel Implants  -
  • Irremovable piercings  ( such as mouth-zipper)
  • Extreme Bondage1: welding - collar & cuffs welded on.
  • Extreme Bondage2: permanent rubber suit, rubber hoods locked.

There are many direction, some have consequences. There is a road less travelled for many of us there are degrees of transformation. The nature of life is that of change, circumstances change, what if your Master that cut you up was hit by a Train, or put in prison because the law did not approve of the transformations that be set you. What if you had to earn an income - but the state has to support you because you have no fingers to work.  If you are going to take radical action - you better have some protection in the bank.

Pre-Op preparations
The guidance for those seeking 'Animal-fication' changes so as to be more K9are as follows.
  • The dog has to live in the role for a year before any surgery takes place.
    If the K9 comes out of role the the clock is reset and the 12months is restarted.
  • Produce a list of what modifications are needed with both a priority and urgency attached to them.
    That is one modification would have the biggest impact of your well being but might need to be done last as its the most irreversible.
    The list would typically be like any other set of Goals:

    #What is it
    #How you going get there
    #When do you know you have got there (the outcome has been achieved).
    #How important it is
    #How Urgent it is. Notice the difference between wants and needs.
  • Safe Guards - What are there?
    # If you have this op who (a 'cutter') is going to do it and where?
    # After the op what happens if your Master is sent to jail, what happens to you?
    What if your Master has got bored of you and has found another younger slave, what happens to you?

    #What if your Master cannot work and you now have to, he might want you to be a wage slave.
    How are you going to do that with extreme modifications.
    You can function quite well with your balls cut off with your nipples removed.
    You can function less well if you cant speak, even less well if you have no fingers and even less well without legs.
    Are you really wanting to be looked after for the rest of your life and this is one way to make sure?

    #If you have to go to your Parents Funeral or Siblings Weddings, how will it go down, be interpreted if you turn up with or without your Master in role, in gear. Imagine what might be going through your Mothers mind if she is burying her husband as she looks across to her son who chose to have his hands turned into paws - she is reminded or her other loss. So you cant go to those events - ever.
Castration - Modification
  • This is where the slave will have his balls removed and optionally replaced with Steel Testicles.
    The slave would have been in chastity for many months if not a year, with the occasional cleaning of the slaves genitals when his is secure. This is may also include toilet training as well as lock in butt plugs.
  • Fear of Castration  - This is in many scenes and becomes part of edge play. You get closer and closer to it till you can  bluff it no longer and his balls are coming off. That day takes quite some time and so it is not usual for someone under 30 to be having such an op unless they have been a heavy SM player since childhood! So realistically this happens to slaves 40 onwards and usually when they have found the right Master that they feel owned by for years.
  • One of the side effects of loosing both balls is the change is testosterone levels which can lead to weight gain. So unless the salve is naturally skinny he may get fat - you still want him them?  Testosterone injections would compensate and would be needed for other conditions like bone strength.
    You could also use it if you are sending him down the gym where he has to shower naked with all the other guys who will notice the loss between his legs.
Nipple  - Amputation
This is where the nipples are removed so the slave can no longer be aroused by nipple play.
Yes he can still feel pain, but the wire to his dick end has gone.
This can happen by mistake sometimes when inexperienced tops play with a experienced slave hanging weights onto the slaves nipple rings. Sadly this is when the pain is replaced by cold tits and your nipples have come off like a scab - I only know of one case of this (and that is too many).
All Fingers & Thumbs - Amputations
Dogs don't have fingers, they don't walk on two legs.
So some slaves have their fingers cut off so there are just paws.
Prior to this they may have had their palms tattooed with dog paw colour.
These alterations are normally done by tops called 'Cutter's.
In days past Masters would do this to a slave, if the slave died then the tracks would have been covered.
There is a Master in Jail in the USA for chopping off the fingers and thumbs off a slave to create a viable paw - what happened in the scene; did the slave change his mind? What sort of disclaimer would stand up in court for this?
Would the slave be sent to a mental hospital due to the 'self harm' risk?
Be then people wanting to TransGender would also have seen as 'Self Harming'. Now in enlightened times we see things differently, same to with body mods to alter the outside to match the inside - just hope the inside does not change too often.

Vocal Cords
Some slaves have also had their vocal cords cut so they cannot speak only bark.
Speech Prevention
Speech prevention could be done in less extreme ways than cutting the vocal cords. There's a mainstream operation that they already do in Japan that allows the tongue to extend further, by cutting some of the tendons underneath. It means that the person normally needs to learn to speak again, but in this case that wouldn't be needed. If speech is not an issue, you could go for the most extreme version of the operation, and get the doggie a big long lolling licky tongue . But perhaps after the Owner has learned to read the animal's body language well enough for communication, and the animal has not used speech for a very long time anyway, full devoicing might be a powerful symbolic act, and might physicalise (see Mosh Pit) the beast's status as a dumb animal.
Body Building
This is where you build up your body. Often body builder slaves like their Masters to push them harder than they can themselves.
Extreme Body Modifications
What is 'Extreme' this is in the eye of the beholder.
Psychologists Specializing in the behaviour of boys including slavery and dog training.
You need to refer to the  existing academic literature.




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