LifeStyle: 24/7 Slavery

LifeStyle: 24/7 Slavery
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Is being a slave for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all it is cracked up to be?
The workings of a practical working of being a slave 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.24/7 Puppy life

  1. If life is an investment and you spend your early years being a slave and not developing skills on which to base the rest of your life - you could find that you have invested in a poor future.
  2. If you are going to be a total slave either your Master can totally support you to your mutual satisfaction  OR you compromise the 24/7 and go out to work and when back with him re-enter your slavedom.
    • Whatever you do don't think that never again will you have to face the responsibilities of life !
    • What happens if your Master dies and leaves you destitute ?
    • For all those years of training, what if you cannot find another Master that has a compatible mind
set to your previous Master?
  • Sold at Auction - This fantasy is where you are sold to a real hot Master not the richest mistress.
  • My boyfriend is my Master - Well not for long he is not. All observations so far have shown you wither have a boyfriend or you have a Master. Your boyfriend can play the role of a Master during sex, but after sex you are equal. The most successful combinations tend to be  you have a Master and you have a boyfriend. Your boyfriend needs not to be the jealous type. Your Master might have a boyfriend so you should never assume that your Master is ever going to be 'in love' with you, this is different to the possibility of him loving his slave.
  • Feeling Owned - This is where you have a Master as well as a regular job. You may have your dog chain locked on you under your office shirt. You may well do other rituals like keeping yourself shaved for your Master. Your Master may well send your horny SMS Text messages to your phone at work reminding you of the power he has over you.
  • Feeling Abandon - So you still have the collar on but he is 'too busy' to text you, to meet up with you and is indifferent about his control over you. You feel a distance develop.
    How could you cope with this in a 24/7 ? It is common for true Master/slave relationships to last for about 2 years or so before the slave gets too used to the Master. Likewise the Master can feel he has 'done everything' with this slave or that he now has different tastes (dog boy to pig boy etc). 
    If your Master is important to you you have to show that you can be all things to him where permitted. Sometimes your Master might even want you as a surrogate boyfriend (because his current boyfriend does not understand him); do not confuse this with becoming his 'new boyfriend'.
    If you feel a distance; do not think it is rejection he might have had a bad week at the office or other problems, just switch on your charms.
  • Just a Burden - Circumstances change.
    • One of you has lost his job or is now just unemployable - if this was your Master that is not good for the slave who was totally dependant on his Master.
    • One of you has become and addict of  drugs or alcohol  - if this is your Master then you are not safe or or your Master will be lost to his new Master. If its the slave then your Master will look elsewhere.
    • One of you has mental or physical health problems - Is this what the other one signed up for? 
      For some people with a dependant nature, the idea of having a Master (knight is shining armour able to fix all problems) is perfect - it can also be draining. The total control type of Master my enjoy telling you if today you are to have sugar in your tea, but what if he has to make every decision for you have he has enough to do already?
      Did your Master/slave sign up to be your Carer? - The slave may be used to serving his Master but its quite differnt being his carer. Likewise, it is common for a Master to care for the well being of his slave, but when the slave can no longer function as a slave then there is a problem.
      So what plan is there for a change in circumstances?
  • This is not meant to be negative as there are also many stories of happy long term Master and slave relationships. You just need realistic expectations and provisions for a change of circumstances.

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